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Energy efficiency laboratory
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In addition to the high-precision digital power meter, the energy efficiency testing laboratory is equipped with the electric light source testing system, electronic ballast performance analysis system, high definition digital television signal generator, chroma luminance meter, optical darkroom and other advanced equipments for measuring the energy utilization efficiency of various electronic products, provides the credible and reliable energy efficiency testing results, assists the manufacturers to improve the product energy utilization efficiency so as to promote the pace of energy-saving technology development.


The energy sources which are consumed by the lighting equipments, air conditioners, office equipments, household electrical appliances and other energy-consuming equipments used by the human race through the activities in buildings account for over 30% of the global total energy consumption, and the carbon dioxide emissions caused by them account for over 25% of the global total emissions. With the tension of global energy supply and the enhancement of environmental protection consciousness, the government of each country also pays increasing attention to the energy efficiency problems of electronic products, implements the energy-saving policies and strengthens the management of energy utilization. According to the statistics of the international energy agency (IEA), there are over 40 countries and regions, such as the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc., which have implemented the mandatory energy efficiency standards or energy efficiency labels in the whole world at present. China established the voluntary energy-saving product certification system in 1999 and began to implement the mandatory energy efficiency label filing system in 2005.


At present, the energy efficiency testing laboratory can carry out the energy efficiency testing for the following products:


1.         Power supply products: external power supply, built-in power supply, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), etc.;

2.         Household appliances: electromagnetic range, electrical storage water heater, electric cooker, etc.;

3.          Lighting products: LED lamp, fluorescent lamp, high voltage sodium lamp, metal halogen lamp, ballast, etc.;

4.         Audio & video equipments: TV set, set-top box and video disc player;

5.         Information technology equipments: computer, server, monitor, copier, printer, etc.

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