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Shanghai Global Testing Services Co., Ltd. (GTS) is an experienced certification authority focusing on providing the third party inspection, identification, test and certification service. We offer many testing services in the fields of industrial products, consumer goods, trade security, etc., involving harmful material, safety, EMC, material analysis, textile, shoes, leather, toys, and many other testing programs.
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 Conducted emission

Conducted emission

Conducted Emissions is a term for radio frequency current that flows on one or more conductors connected to an electric circuit, or alternatively, radio frequency voltage between conductors connected to an electric circuit.  Generally, conducted emissions voltage is specified as the voltage that develops when conducted emissions current encounters a 50 ohm impedance.


For the purposes of EMI analysis, conducted emissions are generally of interest over the frequency range 150 kHz to 30 MHz, because this is the frequency range over which most regulatory agencies specify conducted emissions limits.  However, CE Analyst allows conducted emissions over any frequency range to be evaluated

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