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 EN 71


This Standard controls all toys, i.e. any product or material designed or clearly intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.


1. Mechanical and physical properties

1.1 General requirements



1.1.3Flexible plastic sheeting

1.1.4Toy bags


1.1.6Expanding materials


1.1.8Points and wires

1.1.9Protruding parts

1.1.10Parts moving against each other

1.1.11Mouth –actuated toys


1.1.13Cords of toy kites and other flying toys


1.1.15Toys intended to bear the mass of a child

1.1.16Heavy immobile


1.1.18Aquatic toys

1.1.19Percussion caps specifically designed for use in toys


1.1.21Toys containing a heat source

1.1.22Small balls

1.2 Toys intended for children under 36 months

1.2.1General requirements

1.2.2Filling materials

1.2.3 Plastic sheeting

1.2.4Cords on toys

1.2.5Liquid-filled toys

1.2.6Speed limitation of electrically driven toys

1.2.7Glass and porcelain

1.2.8Shape and size of certain toys

1.2.9Toys comprising monofilament fibres

1.2.10Play figures

1.2.11Hemispheric-shaped toys

1.2.12Suction cups

1.3 Packaging

1.4 Warnings and instructions for use


2. Flammability

2.1 General

2.2 Toys to be worn on the head

2.3 Toy disguise costumes and toys intended to be worn by a child in play

2.4 Toys intended to be entered by a child

2.5 Soft-filled toys(animals and dolls,etc) with a piled or textile surface


3. Migration of certain elements


4. Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities


5. Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets


6. Graphical symbol for age warning labeling


7. Finger paints

7.1 Colourants

7.2 Preservatives

7.3 Limits for the migration of certain elements

7.4 Limits for primary aromatic amines

7.5 Taste and smell

7.6 pH-value

7.7 binding agents, extenders, humectants and surfactants


8. Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use

8.1 General

8.2 Barriers, ladders etc

8.3 Entrapment

8.4 Stability of activity toys other than slides, swings and toys with crossbeams

8.5 Slides

8.6 Swings

8.7 See-saws

8.8 Carousels and rocking activity toys

8.9 Waring and labelling

8.10 Labelling

8.11 Assembly and installation instructions

8.12 Maintenance


9. Organic chemical compounds

9.1 Limits

9.2 Liquids in toys

9.3 Formaldehyde

9.4 Methods of analysis

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