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Shanghai Global Testing Services Co., Ltd. (GTS) is an experienced certification authority focusing on providing the third party inspection, identification, test and certification service. We offer many testing services in the fields of industrial products, consumer goods, trade security, etc., involving harmful material, safety, EMC, material analysis, textile, shoes, leather, toys, and many other testing programs.
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1.       Introduction  
Lebensmittel und Bedarfsgegenstaende und Futtermittelgesetzbuch (LFGB) is German Food & Commodities Law. If the test specimen corresponds to the requirement of 30 and 31 LMBG (LFGB), they can be verified and documented as chemical safe and can be sold in Germany
2. Scope     
The tests cover all kind of material, even the product is fabricated with the most up-dated manufacturing technology. Such as the Chromium plated BBQ rack, the Temperature resistance coating (PTFE) on the cooking pan, and silicone rubber ring for sealing the water kettle test, etc.    Materials
CeramicspolymersPVCmetalsplasticizerpaperleathertextilecosmeticsbaccy etc.   ProductsElectrical products which contact with food, such as baker oven, sandwich maker, electric water heater and so on; food storage; kitchens such as strengthen glass chopping boardstainless steel pan; tableware such as bowl, knives and forks, spoon, cups and so on;dress, cloths, towels, hairpieces, false eyelashes, cap, diaper and other sanitation articles, sleeping bag, shoes, gloves, watchband, handbag, burse/wallet, attache case, cladding materials of chair;textile or leather toys and toys which contain textile and leather textile; cosmeticsbaccy and so on.
3. Testing item and requirement
Generally, LMBG § 30 & 31 contain the following testing clauses:
  1. General manufacture and materials
  2. Sensorial examination: the transfer of smell, taste from product to the food
  3. Plastic - migration test & extractable heavy metal test
  4. Metal - composition & extractable heavy metal test
  5. Specific material-specific test to check the danger of chemical hazard according to German Chemicals Law.


Commonly polymer product

Global Migration Test, Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell)

PVC product

Global Migration TestVinyl Chloride Test
Remaining Peroxides Test
Sensory Test(transfer of taste and smell)

PE product

Global Migration Test, Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell) 
Remaining Peroxides Catalyst residues: Cr, V, Zr

PSABSSANAcrylic product

obal Migration Test, Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell) 
Remaining PeroxidesVOC( VOM) Volatile Organic Compounds

PAPU product

Global Migration Test, Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell)
Remaining Peroxides Primary Aromatic Amines

PET product

Global Migration Test, Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell) 
Remaining Peroxides, Total Zinc & Lead

Silicon rubber product

Global Migration Test, Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell) 
Remaining Peroxides ,VOC ( VOM) Volatile Organic Compounds
Organotin Compounds Test, Total Lead Content

Paper ware

PCPExtractable Heavy Metals (Pb Cd Hg CrVl)
Formaldehyde Extraction, AZO (Only for colored paper ware)

non-stick coating(non-stick pan)

Global Migration TestPhenol ExtractionFormaldehyde ExtractionPrimary Aromatic AminesExtractable Cr(VI)
Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell)

Metal, alloy and plating product

Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell
Specific Metal Migration (Pb,Cd,Cr,Ni,Cu,As,Co)

PP product

Global Migration Test, Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell) 
Catalyst residues: Cr, V, Zr

Wood product

PCP Content, Formaldehyde Release 
Sensory Test (transfer of taste and smell)

Chinaware,glass, enamelware

Extractable Pb & Cd EEC/84/500


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